Ocular diseases

Ocular diseases Ophthalmic diseases: It has been proven practically through Kassarlogy that there is a close relationship between the nerve commencing from between the first and second cervical vertebrae and

Various pains and diseases

Various pains and diseases We confirm once again that we do not mean pain and diseases except those that are stubborn and that do not respond to chemical medicine ,

Endocrine disorders

Endocrine disorders The endocrine function is highly affected by the spinal nerves. According to what we have seen from our experiences with the changes that took place after the treatment

Intestinal tract

Intestinal tract Many of the intestinal diseases are intractable, and it has been proven to us that many of them are caused by radical nervous compression in the lower back

Liver and skin diseases

Liver and skin diseases It has been established that some skin conditions - as alternative medicine believes - are hepatogenic . Experience has shown that it is possible to treat

Genital diseases

Genital diseases Alternative medicine believes that the third lumbar vertebra affects the uterus and urethra, and the fourth lumbar region affects the prostate It has been clear to us through

Cerebral injuries, epilepsy and paralysis

Cerebral injuries, epilepsy and paralysis prediction is not to be treated  (1)* :- an old folk proverb intended for people with limited or extensive physical disabilities, who have settled in

Chest’s diseases

Chest's diseases Asthma: It has been proven through  Kassarology that the nerves emanated from between the thoracic vertebrae (upper back) - (T 4-T 6) have a direct effect on the

The main heart diseases

The main heart diseases / intractable heart illnesses It was found that many of the heart illnesses and symptoms are of spinal nervous origin stemmed from  the two spinal nerves

Urinary system

Urinary system The first and second lumbar vertebrae greatly affect the bladder. Perhaps many cases of anuria - urinary incontinence - nervous bladder - chronic infections - urinary dregs, can

paranasal sinuses

paranasal sinuses According to academic medicine: They are a form of air-filled cavities that surround the eyes and nose and are found within the bones of the skull, which are

Intractable auricular diseases

Intractable auricular diseases With Kassarology It has become possible to cure many intractable illnesses in the ear, such as: Dizziness , Stepitus aurium , hearing loss , Meniere disease ,

Laryngeal, pharynx and oral cavity pains

Laryngeal, pharynx and oral cavity pains Academic medicine did not deal with the treatment of diseases of the larynx, vocal cords, oral cavity and pharynx through its relationship to the

Migraine and headache

Migraine and headache Research and experience have shown  that most of those who suffer from headache or migraine pains have underlying pain in the spine that they may not feel

Spine pain

Spine pain Spine pain is enveloped in a lot of mystery, and this was confirmed by a study carried out by George Washington University with research groups and studies conducted

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